The Undo and Redo buttons can be hold to apply multiple times.
- maximum undo steps is 50.


Undo : CTRL+Z
- on MacOS, CTRL is replaced by COMMAND

Undo Model Changing

If you forgot to save model before creating or loading a new model, do not worry.
In MagicaVoxel, the following operations are also undoable:

1. New Model
2. Duplicate Model
3. Load Model
4. Rename Model

- Though Delete Model is not undoable, you can find your deleted models in the Trash folder on your OS.
- Just remove it back to the vox/ folder, it will appear again on the model list.

Combine Steps

Some operation will combine several steps into one step to save undo stack space:

1. Change color with HSV sliders
2. Loop model with Edit->Loop

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