In the Shadow Section, you can choose the angle of shadow :

1. 45 : From Corner

2. 0 : From Top

3. 90 : From Side


In the Line Section, you can choose any combination of the three display modes as listed below :

1. G : Display Grids <CTRL+G>

2. E : Display Edges <CTRL+E>

3. F : Display Frame <CTRL+F>

4. Combination


In the Render Section, you can choose to show or hide any of the three objects :

1. V : Toggle Voxels. Along with the Grid or Edge display mode, you can get some special effects :

2. S : Toggle Shadow

3. G : Toggle Ground

4. A : Toggle Advance Mode <CTRL+R>
In Basic Render Mode ( turn off Advance Mode ) :
- render voxels without shadow, ao and ambient color;
- Render->Advance/Basic, or CTRL+R to switch;
- the color on the top side is exactly the same as the one in palette;
- only requires OpenGL 1.1;

5. L : Toggle Ambient Lighting
- affect ambient lighting only

6. B : Toggle Background
- background color can be changed in config/config.txt

Change Ground or Edge Color

Firstly select the color in Palette window, and then press Button Edge or Base above the palette window to change the color of edge or ground

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