Resize Editable Volume

Editable Volume is the working space where you can add and remove voxels.
You can display this volume by enabling <F>rame Render Mode in Line Section.
- see Shadow Render Display for more information.

You can change its size in the Size textfield on the right side of Name textfield.
- currently, the maximum volume size is (126, 126 126).
- all the voxels out of the volume will be discarded.

It is equivalent to type something like 'size 50 50 60' in the command line.

If you want to shrink the volume to remove empty space, press the button on the right side of Size textfield :

Scale Model

There are several ways to scale the model.
The basic way is to click the button Tool->2X to double size the model.
or typing something like 'xy 2 z 3' ( scale twice in x and y dimension, third times in z dimension ) in Scale textfield.
- see Transform for more information.
- notice that several operations will also change the size of model or editable volume, such as rotation, repeat, import, etc.

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