Mirror and Loft are two brush modes that help you edit the model more efficiently.
- they will affect Attach, Erase, Paint, Line, Cube, Sphere Brushes.
- both of them can work on a combination of X, Y, Z axes.
- these two modes can also work together.
- in MagicaVoxel, the vertical axis is Z axis.

Mirror Mode <1 2 3>

Mirror Mode is a mode where all your strokes will be flipped
- which is very useful to sculpt symmetric shapes.

Loft Mode <CTRL + 1 2 3>

Loft Mode is a mode where your stroke will work on the whole axis/plane/volume
- which is very useful to sculpt contours
- it often works with Face Mode (as in the screenshot below)


Not all the combination is that useful. For example :
1. Loft XYZ : it will add/erase/paint the whole volume, which is equivalent to Edit->Tool->Full/Zero/Fill.
2. Loft X Mirror X : Mirror Mode does not take any effect actually.

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