MagicaVoxel is able to Import/Export :
  • Mesh ( Voxelization )
  • Volume
  • 2D Sprite ( see How To for tutorials )
  • Palette
  • Custom Format ( see Plugin for details )
Format Primitive Export Import
3ds polygon * *
obj polygon * *
ply polygon *
vox(mv) voxel/palette * *
vox(slab6) voxel/palette * *
xraw voxel/palette * *
qb voxel * *
2d sprite *
tga palette/sprite * *
png palette/sprite * *
act palette * *
snap screenshots *


Press buttons under Edit -> Export
1. Export Folder : Export/
2. Export Name : modelName.[extension]
- before exporting, make sure that the model has a valid name. ( or will be named as "_untitiled" )
- when exporting polygon surface, its exterior surface will be saved as individual quads.
- the output vertex position will use their integer grid coordinates in the editor.


1. Drag Polygon Model to Editor View
Convert polygon mesh to voxels ( Voxelization : 3D Scan Conversion )
- when a polygon model ( triangles, quads, etc. ) is imported, its polygon surfaces will be voxelized by 3D Scan Conversion.
- before voxelization, the mesh will be scaled into current volume size.
- in order to obtain more details, you can firstly change the size to the maximum editable size ( e.g. 126, 126, 126 )

2. Drag Voxel Model to Editor View

3. Drag Sprite Image File ( .tga ) to Editor View
Convert image to voxel sprite
- pure white or zero alpha color is transparent
- the editor will keep the old color palette and match each image pixel color to the most similar one in the palette

4. Drag Palette File ( .tga .act .vox ) to Palette Window
Import palette image
- .act is a palette format used in Photoshop which basically contains 256 RGB raw pixels (768 bytes)

5. Drag File to certain extension button or textField under Edit->Export
Force the file imported as certain format;
- it's designed for those formats with same extension, or files with extension different from that of their format


1. Import and Export operations are irreversible.
2. MagicaVoxel's default vox model format is different from the .vox format used by Slab6/Sproxel/...

- Use Edit->Export->slab to import/export slab6.vox files

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