Hint Bar

Press the button just on the left side of command line to show or hide the bottom hint bar.

Sometimes if you want to know the functionality or hotkeys for certain buttons,
you can enable the hint bar and move the mouse cursor above that button,
then the description of that button will show on the hint bar.

For example, in the screenshot, the mouse cursor is above palette view:
Index [ 79 ] means that the current color index is 79;
Copy [+CTRL] means that by pressing CTRL and dragging, you can duplicate a color to another color;

Hold Buttons

instead of clicking the button again and again, some of the buttons can be hold to apply the operations multiple times :
Edit->Undo/ Redo
Brush->Face Mode : Extrude

Scroll List

The model and pattern list view can be scrolled by either mouse wheel or dragging with left mouse button pressed.

Slow down the Camera

Press SPACE while moving or rotating the camera if you feel it is too fast.

Switch between Attach and Erase Brushes

Instead switch between attach and erase brushes by T/R hotkeys, you can hold and release CTRL to switch between them directly.

Move Model along one Axis with Loop Brush

If you want to move the model along only one axis, you can press SHIFT while moving the model with loop brush.

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