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Command Format Description Example
undo undo cmd
redo redo cmd
load <name> load model from '/vox' load room
save <name> save model to '/vox' save room
del <name> del model in '/vox' del room
name <name> rename model name room
new new model
dup duplicate model
zero empty model
full full bounding box
fill fill whole model with same color
size <x y z> resize model from center size 45 50 10
scale2x scale model 2X
compact shrink bounding box
loop <axis distance...> loop model loop xy 2 z -4
flip <axis ...> flip model flip yz
rot90 <axis> rotate model 90 degrees rot z
scale <axis scale> scale model scale xy 4 z 2
repeat <axis scale> repeat model repeat xyz 2
rot <axis degree> rotate model rot x 45
mirror <axis 1/0 ...> change mirror state mirror xy 1 z 0
loft <axis 1/0...> change loft state loft xy 0 z 1
index <colorIndex> select color index (1-255) index 73
rgb <r g b> change current color (0-255) rgb 255 78 100
hex <ffffff> change current RGB color by hex code hex f47835
rand <minIndex maxIndex> paint model with random color rand 10 15
flood <colorIndex> if colorIndex == 0, remove all invisible voxels flood 0
otherwise, fill all invisible space with colorIndex flood 73
noise <seed scale min max> default value : scale = 0.03 min = 0.2 max = 0.5 noise 123 0.03 0.2 0.5
bw generate grey palette
o export model to Export/ o obj
c execute custom command c bw

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