There are two camera modes in MagicaVoxel : Focus Mode and Free Mode.

You can switch between these two modes by clicking the button just on the right side of the command line.
- the direction of the arrow in the icon will point to inside or outside respectively.

In Focus Mode, you can only rotate around the center of the model.
- When the size of model is changed ( resized, rotated, etc ), the focus will also be changed.
- When the model is changed ( new model, select another model, etc ), the camera will be reset.
- When switch back to Focus Mode, the camera will be reset.

In Free Mode, you can move and look around without any constraint as in a FPS Game.
- The camera will not be changed when model is changed or resized, which is useful when you want to keep the camera orientation.

and there are also two help modes :

'Slow Mode' : pressing SPACE.
- slow down both movement and rotation

'Snap Mode' : pressing SHIFT or dragging on the bottom or right camera ruler
- snap pitch and yaw angle of camera at multiple of 15 degrees;

Control by Mouse

Rotate Camera by dragging with right mouse button pressed;
Zoom Camera by scrolling mouse wheel.
- if your device does not support right mouse dragging, you can use CTRL+ALT+LBUTTON instead.

Control by Keyboard

Use the keys WASDQE to control camera.

It behaves differently in each mode.

In Focus Mode
W/S : Zoom in/out
A/D : Rotate Left/Right (Yaw)
Q/E : Rotate Down/Up (Pitch)

In Free Mode
W/S : Move Forward/Backward
A/D : Move Left/Right
Q/E : Move Down/Up

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