There are three brush modes in MagicaVoxel :

1. V : Voxel mode
2. F : Face mode ( Extrude / 2D Floodfill )
3. B : Box mode

which will affect Attach, Erase, and Paint brushes.
They can also work together with Mirror and Loft Modes.

Voxel Mode

The shape of the stroke is a dot ( by clicking ) or a thin line of 1 voxel width ( by dragging ).
The model will be modified immediately as you click or drag on it.

Box Mode

The shape of the stroke is a block which opposite corners are defined by intersections between your dragging line and the model.
The model will not be modified until you release the left mouse button.

Face Mode

The shape of the stroke is a connected 2D area around where you clicked.

For Paint brush, it works like a "2D FloodFill" brush to fill the connected area with selected color.
- which is very good for painting walls and arbitrary shapes

For Attach and Erase brushes, it works like an "Extrude" brush ( by holding the left mouse button )
- which is very good for sculpting holes and buildings.

Connectivity Type of Face Brush

You can change the Connectivity Type of Face brush in the Face Section :

4/8 : 4 connected or 8 connected neighborhood
Col/Geo : compare color or not

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