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Voxel map creator - person to hire

Jul 25, 2016 at 11:56 PM

First of all - sorry to post here this type of post - I found no other place on the net that deals with MagicaVoxel on this topics.

If me posting this is OK; please read further:

I'm looking for a person who can either create several maps or even provide some previously done (with slight modification), for a game I'm making. We'd discuss topics and map ideas and see what can be done. I'm looking for just a mix of value and experience, as my budget is not too big but I'm sure we can find some agreement if anyone would be interested. Maps would be rather simple in nature compared to some awesome designs I saw being done in this cool tool, tho, I'd explain everything at right moment.

Please contact me at or here for further queries.
Thanks for the time