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Feb 18, 2016 at 5:58 AM
A year and a half ago I started bugging glkasumi/ephtracy about way to project an image on to an object, as chronicled here:

In late November ephtracy tweeted me, telling me it was now possible. Unfortunately, I was busy with seasonal work and Christmas related stuff, so I was unable to try it. I then forgot about the new version ... until a few days ago.

After much confusion and fumbling, I managed to successfully put this face render ...


... on to this voxel head, ...


... leading to this result ...



There is some minor misalignment. The tops of the eyes appear on the eyelashes (mostly visible on the eye on the right). However, this was only a test object and the test was definitely successful.

I am ecstatic. I had been begging for this feature for a year and half, and now it is finally here.

I am feeling a whole lot of happy.