[04/22/2014 : MagicaVoxel 0.93] 1. support PNG sprite/palette import

2. when import palette, it will use the first 255 individual colors rather than the first 255 colors of image to generate palette

3. snapshot [F6] and 2d sprite export are now using compressed PNG format

4. SHIFT + BRUSH will pick color and operate directly, so no need to switch brushes back and forth

[04/16/2014 : MagicaVoxel 0.93]
  • Remember to use ALT+LButton to pick up voxel colors:)
1. Improved Shading
- higher saturation, pure black, lighter ao and shadow
- the color is still a little off, use Shade->L to toggle ambient light
- ground and edge color won't change with palette

2. Corrected Coordinates
- the new coordinates is Z up right hand coordinates
- for old model, you need to use Edit->Flip->X to flip it

3. Frame Mode with Axis
- Line->F now displays axis

4. Custom Palettes
- now all the palettes are under palette/ folder
- you can customize the palettes by replace them with same names
- you can switch them by pressing Palette->0/1/2 in MagciaVoxel

5. Add RGB Slider in Color Section

6. Add More Tools and Commands
- Edit->Tool->Inv : Inverse empty and solid space
- Edit->Tool->Exp : Expand the size by 1 on each side
- Edit->Aux->Dilat|E : Dilation and Erosion, used to create outlines and fill holes
- Edit->Aux->M : Create Maze:)

7. Custom Model Format
- config/config.txt->model->default_type
- can use other formats (xraw, slab, qb) other than the default vox format to save/load/rename model files
- as long as the import/export operations are reversible, and plugin for custom format is provided

8. Mesh Export Options
- add axis, ccw, pivot, scale, and texcoord offset import/export options in config for mesh files

9.More Hotkeys for Render Options

10. Minor UI Improvement and Bug Fix

[01/29/2014 : MagicaVoxel 0.92]
- demo video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOW6EOpOkkI&feature=youtu.be

Add some features to make everyone's work simpler:)
If you have any suggestion or idea, you can start a new thread in Discussion Section.

1. Automatically distinguish .vox( SLAB6 ) and .vox( MV )
- now you can just drag and drop files with .vox extension to the editor view to import voxel model
- the program will automatically detect the format by magic number

2. Drag .vox( SLAB6 or MV ) to Palette View to import palette only
- only import palette, will not change shape

3. Add textfield for RGB values (Palette->Color)
- can input HEX color value by : "#ffffff"

4. Enable/Disable Background (Render->B)
- make dark surface painting easier
- background color can be changed in config/config.txt

5. Enable/Disable Ambient Lighting Only (Shade->L)
- but keep ao and shadow

6. Basic Render Mode is now (Shade->A)

[01/26/2014 : MagicaVoxel 0.92]
- stable version 0.91 remains on Downloads page;
- new version 0.92 is a new release that has many codes changed and features added,
- any suggestion and bugs discovery is welcome;

1. New Format Import and Export
See Import Export for details
Export : Edit->Export
Import : Drag and Drop file on editView

a) qb (i/o)
- Qubicle Binary
- export : uncompressed format;
- import : it may be different from the original model, such as :
1) model size that is greater than the maximum edit size in MagicaVoxel will be clamped
- ( currently 126^3 )
2) model that has several sub models will be combined into one model
- ( though MagicaVoxel will support sub models in the future )
3) colors are matched to the closest one in the current palette, which may be a little lossy
4) model may be flipped or rotated, use Edit->Flip/Rot to modify the model
b) slab6's vox (i/o)
- SLAB6's .vox model

c) xraw (i/o)
- which is a raw volume format used by MagicaVoxel XRAW Format

d) ply (o)
- mesh with vertex color encoded

2. Textfield Bug Fixed
There is a little bug for the name and size textfield.
Now when the textfield lost focus by clicking, the name and size will be automatically updated.

[01/20/2014 : MagicaVoxel 0.92]
- version 0.91 remains on Downloads page;

1. Plugin
support for custom modify and import/export command plugin;
- see Plugin for more information;
- all the export files will be under Export/ folder now;
- all import/export plugin is under Plugin/ folder;
- all modify cmd plugin is under Plugin/cmd/ folder;
- use Edit->Export->plugin to export;
- use command line "o pluginName" to export;
- use command line "c pluginName" to execute;

2. Force Import
drag and drop file on Export->extension buttons/plugin textfield to force it imported as certain format;
- designed for those formats with same extension, or files with extension different from that of their format;

3. Snap Camera
snap pitch and yaw angle of camera at multiple of 15 degrees;
- drag on the camera ruler with right mouse button pressed, or
- drag mouse or hold WASDQE with SHIFT pressed;

4. Basic Render Mode
render voxel meshes without shadow, ao and ambient color;
- Render->Advance/Basic, or CTRL+R to switch;
- the color on the top side is exactly the same as the one in palette;
- only requires OpenGL 1.1;

5. Export Screenshot
take a screenshot of edit view or the whole window
- Edit->Export->Snap;
- hotkey : F6 for whole window; CTRL+F6 for edit view;

6. Export 2D Sprite
Export a 2d pixel sprite of current voxel model;
- Edit->Export->2D;

7. Repeat + Mirror
Repeat Transform is working with Mirror Mode now;

8. Size 45 == Size 45 45 45
you can just type one number in Size textfield to resize edit volume as a cube;

9. Click Textfield
there is a tiny button on the right side of some textfields ( plugin, scale, repeat, rotate );
- you can click that button to input the text that you have already typed;

10. BW
new command 'bw' to create a grey palette table;

11. ALT+LBUTTON for Picking Color
so no need to switch to pick color brush;

12. Improved Box Brush
can easily remove rows and columns with Loft Mode now;

13. OBJ/3DS Format Export
Fixed the X flip problem;
Also shift the pivot to the center of bottom;

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