The color in MagicaVoxel is based on 8-bit palette, which makes it easier to change color theme for sprites in games.

There are 256 colors in the palette ( the first one is at left-bottom, while the last one is at right-top )
but only 255 out of them are available since the last one is left for empty voxels ( appears as black )

Import Palette

You can import your own custom palette by dragging and dropping image file (.act .tga) to palette view.
- the default Mac Theme Palette is exported from Photoshop.
- see Import Export for more information.

Export Palette

You can export the palette image from Edit->Export->tga/act.
- the palette image will be exported to 'image/' folder.
- see Import Export for more information.

Restore Palette

If you want to restore the palette to default, click the button at the left-top corner.

Select Current Color Index

Click and drag in the palette to select current color.
- current color index value is displayed in Hint bar.

Duplicate Color

You can press CTRL/CMD ( the border color will be changed to the copied color ) and drag color in the palette to duplicate the color to another place.
- it is very useful when you want to create gradient colors.

Change Color

You can change any available color in the palette and the result will take effect immediately in the edit view.
- current color rgb values is displayed in Hint bar

There are several ways to change current color :

1. Use the HSV ( Hue Saturation Value ) sliders

2. Use commands, for example, red color :

rgb 255 0 0

hex ff0000

Pick Voxel Color

Select Color Brush '<'
Click voxel in the edit view.

Replace Voxel Color

Select Color Brush '>'
Select source color in palette view
Click voxel in edit view,

Remove Voxel Color

Select Color Brush '-'
Click voxel in edit view

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