Generate Voxel Sprite From Image

1. Prepare Image
convert image format to .png or .tga and crop its size below (126, 126)
- (e.g.

2. Generate Palette
drag image to Palette View
- it will use first 255 individual colors from image to generate the palette, so make sure that there are not too many colors in the image
- or you can use other software like Photoshop to generate 8-bit palette ( .act ) and drag it to the palette view

3. Create Sprite
drag the same image to Edit View

4. Remove Background
choose Color-> - brush, and click on the background ( here is pink voxel ) to remove background voxels
- by default, transparent voxels are removed automatically

5. Shrink Bounding Box
press the button on the right side of Size textfield
- or type "shrink" in command line

6. Scale the model
type "y <height>" in Scale textfield ( here is "y 5" )

  • remember to use F6 to take screenshot :) (CTRL+F6 for Edit View only )

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