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Using Voxel Textures in Procedural Mesh Generation In Unity

Jan 10, 2017 at 5:42 PM
Good day!
I'm slowly teaching myself the voxel ways and I began my test project by just adding a bunch of instances of exported OBJs from Magica Voxel inside of unity, which for obvious reasons is bad (depending on how many objects there are exactly of course).
So I'm looking into setting up a dynamic/procedural mesh to create bigger objects made up of voxels. My current issue is that I need to get the texture/uv map from the voxels made in magicavoxel into the dynamic "cubes" / mesh being generated. Typical ways seem to be having a texture sheet with every face possible for a voxel on it, and I could then just give each type of block it's own UV coords and everything is fine. But magica voxel doesn't seem to be able to create a texture sheet like that, unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible cause I'm very new to this workflow).
Is there a way to do this natively in MagicaVoxel, or I guess maybe export from MV into another program to get this texture sheet? Or is there a way to use the OBJ exports from MV in the procedural mesh workflow and still have my textures that I made in MV?