Magicavoxel ( Win / Mac ) created by @ephtracy

  • a free lightweight 8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer
  • New Home Page :


  • if you get black screen on MacOS, try this:
  • extract the whole folder
  • move "" outside the folder
  • move "" back to the folder again
  • if you get "App can't be opened" message on MacOS, try this in terminal:
  • chmod +x [directory]/

MagicaVoxel Editor 0.97.5 | 09/13/2016

  • Emissive Area Lighting, Fog, Scattering Tutorial
  • Export Mesh with Baked AO and Soft Shadow
  • Support Voxel Shader, Enhanced Brushes, Marching Cube Export
  • Support Transparent voxels with Refraction and Attenuation

MagicaVoxel Renderer 0.41 | 03/07/2016

  • support 2048^3 Volume, 16-bit Color/Normal, Minecraft Scenes Video

Thanks to littlewater, darkfall, and all my friends :)

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